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Next Short online CPD courses begin in January and April 2016
These CPD courses are suitable for dance teachers in all genres as well as trainee dance teachers.

Full details of the courses and dates will be published on the
CPD for Dance Teachers site shortly.
CPD for Dance Teachers blog
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Free CPD snippets at CPD for Dance Teachers.

If you have not visited the blog then why not check out the FREE CPD it has to offer dance teachers in all dance genres. You can also subscribe to the blog for free so that you don't miss new posts when they are added.
Leisure dance
Do you teach dance for fun, fitness or health? Find lots of tips and information about teaching dance to people for leisure or social purposes.

One of the new short online CPD courses for dance teachers starting on 25 September 2015 is looking at teaching social and leisure dance. This
short development course could be a great way to add something new to your teaching.
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