Line dancing
Sho explains a little bit about it
A bit of background
Since Line dancing exploded onto the social dance scene in the mid 1990s many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have gone along to a local Line dance class, to be active and meet new friends.

I became involved with Line dancing because I recognised the potential health and social benefits it has to offer people of all ages and abilities. And I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people to Line dance. And many of them have reported health benefits or a whole new social life at a time of life when they might otherwise have stayed at home on their own without company.
I wrote a monthly column for Line Dancer Magazine for many years as well as contributing a number of individual articles about health and dance matters for Line dancers and Line dance teachers. Just a few of the topics covered over the years included, Dancing in My Head, Spatial Awareness, Ethical Practice, Fitness for Feet, Learning Line Dancing - SAGCA Model, Warming Up, Risk and Teaching.

Teaching Line dancing
Teaching Line dancing requires the same sort of skills that any dance teacher requires. In addition to the actual technique or steps and movements being taught teachers need to be able to understand how to work with different groups of people and how to meet their needs.

Teaching beginners to Line dance can be very challenging for new teachers and especially when you might have a range of ages and abilities in one class. If you are teaching older adults for example, you need to have some basic understanding about how the body changes over time and how this generally affects the muscles and joints. Then you
are able to make informed choices about the sort of dance content that is suitable according to their needs. A good basic training in the fundamentals of teaching others how to move or dance to music is key to safe and effective teaching. And then it is vital to enhance and update these skills regularly through CPD.
CPD for Line dance teachers
Just as in other areas of dance teaching it is essential for teachers to keep up to date with current teaching practices and understanding. This is not just about content - knowing the latest Line dances. It is about enhancing understanding about how to teach well, how to help Line dancers to learn accurately and to minimise avoidable risk. CPD can also highlights ways of incorporating safe and effective dance practice. Check out the free articles and information on the CPD for Dance Teachers site as well as through specific stuff for Line dance teachers in this part of the site.
In addition to online CPD opportunities Sho can offer Masterclass teacher workshops where teachers get together to learn about and share good practice.
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