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CPD snippets is moving to my new site. I will leave the archive posts on this blog so you can still access them. The website is staying - it is only the CPD snippets blog that is moving. You can go directly to the new blog from here.

CPD for Dance Teachers

I hope you will check the new blog regularly for lots of tips, ideas and information relating to CPD for dance teachers - why not click on the new blog site's RSS button so you will get new blog items as they are added. You will be able to comment and discuss topics with others.



There are so many wonderful books that can help us to enhance our skills. In this section I will share details of some of my particular favourites that I use regularly. These books will cover lots of topics associated with dance teaching (and many different dance genres) so I am sure there will be something to interest you.

I will begin by reminding you of the FREE copy of my book Preparation for Performance for Highland Dancers that you can download from the Freebies page. And before you think that it does not apply to you because it is written for Highland Dancers, take a look and you will see that the techniques and skills can be adapted for other dance genres too. To go to the Freebies page click here.