Breathing when stretching

Breathing is an important part of stretching. Many people hold their breath when they are stretching without realising it. This causes muscle tension which makes it harder to stretch. Remembering to breathe fully when you are stretching can help to release tension and help your muscles to relax giving you get a better result.

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The ethicsdance site is my research site - it emerged out of my PhD studies into ethics and dance teaching. There are free downloadable documents and copies of presentation slides as well as other information about ethics and dance matters and research.

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Bulletins for teachers

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The IADMS bulletins for teachers are great for enhancing teaching based on current research and understanding. The following link will take you to the IADMS site where you can download either whole bulletins or individual articles.

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You can find really useful CPD information - fact sheets and dance teacher resources available to download from the IADMS site. These resources take into consideration current knowledge and research and help us to enhance our teaching.

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There are so many wonderful books that can help us to enhance our skills. In this section I will share details of some of my particular favourites that I use regularly. These books will cover lots of topics associated with dance teaching (and many different dance genres) so I am sure there will be something to interest you.

I will begin by reminding you of the FREE copy of my book Preparation for Performance for Highland Dancers that you can download from the Freebies page. And before you think that it does not apply to you because it is written for Highland Dancers, take a look and you will see that the techniques and skills can be adapted for other dance genres too. To go to the Freebies page click here.


It is easy to try too hard in dance and end up with muscles that are full of excess tension. When this happens it is a bit like trying to dance with big heavy boots on. This causes your muscles to struggle to perform at their best. Breathing and relaxation techniques can help dancers to recognise and release muscle tension. In this category I will share snippets of information about basic breathing and relaxation skills that are useful for dancers and dance teachers.


In dance we use a variety of methods to improve flexibility. In the stretching category I will add snippets of information and tips about specific stretching methods, good times to stretch and helping students to stretch safely and effectively. I will also add details of books I particularly like for stretching information to the book category.

Welcome to CPD snippets

This page will offer bite-sized chunks of CPD information for dance teachers (and student dance teachers) of all genres. I will also tell you about 'must have' books and other sources of CPD that you can follow up. I hope that you will find CPD snippets becomes a useful and valuable source of CPD for you and your colleagues.

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